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Benefits of a Retained Search in Recruitment Process

There is a lot that goes into recruiting the best personnel for your company. To get the right candidate, you need to understand the company culture, and also how to gauge the skills, leadership style and cultural fit of the preferred candidates. When you are recruiting for top management level positions, the significance of that process is even more illuminated. These are individuals who will have the power to shift the culture and direction of the company. This is why most companies leave such recruitment processes to executive requirement firms.

When you contract such a firm, you will get either a retained search agreement or a contingent search agreement. Each presents certain benefits and drawbacks, and are therefore suited to different stages of a company’s growth, as well as the position in question.

In a retained search, you will access a high-end service in the recruitment processes. This means they will allocate plenty of time and expertise in the search. There is also the issue of consideration and integrity, in the sense that they will not source for the talent you need form another firm they service. The other firms will have been their clients for a considerable period or level for them to have their talent not interfered with. This is, therefore, best applied for the senior level positions of a company structure.

To get this service, you will have to make some payments. The format applicable here is in three parts. You will first pay a retainer for them to start the search, then another payment as their search bears significant fruit, and the last one once they find the suitable candidate. These firms normally assure you of a candidate in case the recruited one departs before their contract expires. They may go as far as offering onboarding and coaching in that case, so that the switch is as smooth as possible in your operations.

The retained search model offers you certain advantages. These recruitment firms have access to more especially skilled and talented candidates out there, and a larger network of industry leaders and decision makers. They, therefore, stand a better chance of filing any of the top-level positions in our company with the best possible candidates. They shall also make sure there is a cordial relationship between their firm and yours and will remain informed on the progress of their candidates. They will step in when a candidate leaves, and work hard to ensure this never happens in the first place.

When you consider the importance of the hiring process for such positions, you will see the need to get the right retained a search firm such as Slone Partners to do the best job of filling that position. Those positions hold the future of the company. You cannot afford anything less than the best.

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